Top Features of Effective Exhibition Stands

A business that is seeking to attract high numbers of
visitors, or leads to their products or services at a conference or tradeshow
must have a distinctive, well-designed banner stand. Your exhibition stand
should be instantly recognizable, make a good impression, and have that wow
fact. Your business may offer the best service or product, but with limited
visual attraction, your potential clients could move into your competitors’

Enhance your marketing at trade exhibitions with these top features for exhibition stands:

Maximize Booth Space

Typically, booth size is limiting, …

How To Enhance Your Visibility In A Busy Expo

Business expos are specific events that bring people with common
interests together. These interests can vary whether it be weddings, babies or
real estate. An easy way to enhance your visibility is to participate in
business expos that are related to the services you offer.

However, since many other businesses are taking the same approach, you need to be strategic in your approach. Here are a few tips on how you can stand out in a busy expo.

Select a High Traffic Location

The location of your …

Display Accessories for Your Event

The spring and summer season is a busy time
for those in the events industry. At Display Systems Australia we’ve been run
off our feet keeping up with the demand for our display systems.

For a successful display, all elements
should cohesively work together to create an eye-catching, intriguing display
that draws potential customers to your stall and keeps them there long enough
to get your message across.

To do this, need the right tools for the job and the tools of the trade in the events community are banners, flags, and media walls. In …

Displays for all your marketing needs

Out of sight out of mind is a common saying among marketers. Effective marketing relies on constantly displaying products and services to potential clients. More than show what you offer, marketing creates a desire to purchase. Therefore, an effective marketing tool must drive sales. However, not all marketing options directly influence sales. Some strengthen the brand of a company to the extent where clients are compelled to make purchases without any product necessarily going up on display. An effective marketing tool must be compelling, visible and cost-effective. Although there are several marketing display options, some have been tried and tested. …

The perfect advertising medium for your next event

Have you wondered about how to catch the eye of your next potential customer at the next expo? Have you been contemplating a simple but effective way to advertise a sale on your new product? Then this article is for you.

Banners are one of the most under-utilised media in advertising. Even the more ubiquitous Pull-Up Banners do not feature in company advertisement plans nearly as much as we believe they should. But why invest in pull up banners?
Well, first and foremost, they are cost-effective. Not only are they affordable when purchasing, but retractable banners also come with sturdy bases …

4 Unexpected Events a Banner would be Perfect for

A banner is a portable, cost-effective and accessible medium used to promote products and services worldwide. You often see it in trade-shows, but is that all that you can use banners for?
Banners are under-valued and under-used, only because people have pre-defined usage beliefs for them. In reality, a banner is an easy-to-use, noticeable sign that can provide a variety of different information, from upcoming events to special discounts and much more. If done right, a banner can lead to better brand identity and can effectively draw attention to a particular viewpoint. As a result, here are the four unexpected events …

Must-Have Exhibition Displays

For a successful for exhibition or promotional campaign for your business, you need the right tools for the job. Your display kit should excite the sense and engage potential customers. It should also separate you from the competition and make sure the business has its best foot forward in the public area. The right tools for a successful exhibition come down to your display banners and promotional materials. In this post, we look at the essential, must have banners for your kit.

Pull Up Banners
Pull up banners are a must have in your display kit. They are just so versatile. …

All about banner stands

If you are looking for a portable display, a banner stand is a perfect choice.  They come in a range of styles, from a single-sided non-retractable banner stand, lightweight DS-X frames, to EXO and Pix banner stands.

Retractable style banner stands are very popular as they are sleek, easy to transport and simple to set up. Banner stands come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your needs and budget and can be used on both soft and hard ground. Depending on the banner stand you choose, banners can come in up to three different …


When it comes time to choose a teardrop portable banner for your business, school or club, there are many different brands, websites, price range and quality available. It can make what should be an easy decision quite difficult.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get the best teardrop banner for your money.
The Base
As with everything, there is always good and bad. When it comes to the base for your banner, remember it is going to be used for a long time, and it has an important role – supporting your teardrop banner. Always go for …

Start Planning Your 2019 Corporate Events With These Tips

Depending on the structure at your work-place, you might have a year-long events calendar … or you might just wing it. If your marketing team has detailed planners, they actively seek opportunities to push your brand. But if they’re more about charm and personality, they might just ‘hear about important gigs’ and rush to #represent. As they say on the web, ‘60% of the time, it works every time.’ #Anchorman. But it’s not an approach we recommend.

So, since you’re asking our top tip for 2019 is to get organised. Put together a team of planners. Remember, you want this meeting …

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