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Displays for all your marketing needs

Out of sight out of mind is a common saying among marketers. Effective marketing relies on constantly displaying products and services to potential clients. More than show what you offer, marketing creates a desire to purchase. Therefore, an effective marketing tool must drive sales. However, not all marketing options directly influence sales. Some strengthen the brand of a company to the extent where clients are compelled to make purchases without any product necessarily going up on display. An effective marketing tool must be compelling, visible and cost-effective. Although there are several marketing display options, some have been tried and tested. Here are some of the must-have displays to make your marketing effective.


Media Wall Banners are the most convenient display tools for marketing and branding. Although banners are old, they remain as one of the most useful marketing tools. You will find banners in business conferences trade expos and marketing activations. It’s a must-have display. There are two main types of banners; retractable banners and portable banners. The difference between the two apart lies in the roll-up functionality in retractable banners. Unlike retractable banners, the display on portable banners is rolled out manually and independently before fastening to the stand. Banners are easy to set up. It only takes minutes to assemble all the parts. Although they come in different sizes, the assembly is simple. Banners are also lightweight weighing anything from 2kgs to 3.5kgs. They come with a carrying bag that makes transportation easy. Moreover, the telescopic design of the banners allows the parts to be packed in small convenient bags.

Media walls

Press conferences, business conferences and expos often need big displays to draw attention. Media walls offer the perfect backdrops. The huge design of media walls make them conspicuous. The wall is certain to put you leagues above the competition. There are a variety of sizes to serve a wide range of spaces. Whether it’s a hall or a standard room, media walls are good for any space. The design can reach up to 3 metres in height with a limitless option on the width. The print on a media wall is designed to display high-resolution images and texts. In the age of the internet and social media, it’s important to ensure your media wall is a backdrop on every photo or video taken in an expo.

Tension fabric frames

Convenience is a big consideration when it comes to marketing displays. A lightweight display option that is great for putting up signage or an ad at a conference is a tension fabric frame. Tension fabric frames are modern marketing tools that are lightweight and portable. They are ideal for conferences and expos. The tension fabric frame combines the ease of assembly and a conspicuous design. The final display set-up has a slender design. It has an option for a single or a double-sided layout. The tension fabric frame can be fixed on the ceiling or wall. The set up also has a freestanding option. The fabric on the frame is changeable making it cost-effective.

There are numerous other display options available for companies and businesses. They include flags, digital screens and POS displays. Only choose a display that serves your needs fully and effectively.

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