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The perfect advertising medium for your next event

Have you wondered about how to catch the eye of your next potential customer at the next expo? Have you been contemplating a simple but effective way to advertise a sale on your new product? Then this article is for you.

Banners are one of the most under-utilised media in advertising. Even the more ubiquitous Pull-Up Banners do not feature in company advertisement plans nearly as much as we believe they should. But why invest in pull up banners?


Well, first and foremost, they are cost-effective. Not only are they affordable when purchasing, but retractable banners also come with sturdy bases that store your banners and keep them safe from the elements. You, therefore, don’t need to worry about losing value maintaining your banners. Additionally, most banners come with a nylon bag, and if not, you can always buy a bag that keeps the dust out of your banner system when in storage.


Another benefit of investing in pull up banners is their versatility. Whether you are looking to invest in a miniature banner for the table at your stand or thinking of how to liven your backdrop with banners, you can rest assured that there is something for you. The DeskBug is a miniature sized retractable banner, designed to sit on desks and tables and thus might be a perfect addition to your advertising paraphernalia at your promotional desk during an expo. On the other hand, a BannerBug Media wall may be just what you need if you are looking to turn heads at your next exhibition. Standing up to 2200mm high, this giant banner is impossible to ignore. It works as the perfect backdrop while doubling up as a great advertisement medium. Not only will it attract your customers but it will also leave your competition regretting they didn’t do the same


Set Up

You cannot speak on retractable banners without addressing how easy they are to set up. Unlike advertising monitors, which require a technician to set up, pull up banners do not require any technical knowhow. Also, you do not need a technical team on standby throughout the event to ensure that your banners are working. Similarly, pulling down banners after a successful expo is a walk in the park, and can be done by anyone.


Tied to the previous point, the ease of transportation that comes with pull up banners. You no longer need to worry about organising an elaborate transport plan for your advertising gear during your events. Due to their durable bases, banners are kept safe and sound while in transit so that they arrive every event undamaged. If you are still unsure about the safety of your banners, you can look into purchasing specialised bags, such as the Bannerbug Molded Eva bag, which ensure the safety of your banners.

These reasons, as well as the quality and professionalism that come with retractable banners,  make them a great choice when deciding which advertising medium to use at your next event.

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