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Use your display system to get the edge over your competition

In an ideal world, the superior brand would always win. Unfortunately, the market is saturated, and there’ll always be someone claiming to do what you can – but cheaper. The challenge is to get customers to notice you and give you a few moments of their time. Then, once you have their attention, you can demonstrate why your product or service is better than the rest. At public events (or even exclusive invite-only scenarios), portable banners are your first port of call – with social media close behind. Let’s explore some ways you can catch your prospects’ eye.

Float like a feather flag

The main difference between teardrop banners and feather flags is the latter rotates in the wind. They draw far more attention that way, especially when paired with Bali flags. When you order flags from us – especially feathers (Adwing) and teardrops (Adsail), we give you versatile mounting poles that can work in any setting. Outdoor event? Go for spikes that dig deep into the turf. Indoors? You can mount your banners on a flat concrete floor, thanks to the metal weights in your banners’ feet. Want your feathers to fly in the breeze?

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Mount them to walls or poles using our speciality wall brackets. We can print your flags on one side or both, depending on your preferences. Anti-glare fabrics are available for sunny days, and all our printouts are weather-proof. They don’t scratch or chip. To make your design process easier, you can download templates and sizing dimensions from our website when you make your order. Both our adwings and adsails come in dual sizes for your promotional convenience. Plus, you can set them up (and pull them down) in minutes.

No stitch no seam

You probably don’t know a lot about needlework but think of any garment you’ve seen. Actually, glancing down at what you’re wearing right now. Can you see any loose string? What’s your automatic response? We all have ‘cat brain’ that way – we see loose yarn and we can’t resist the urge to tug it. And that slight pull could unravel the entire thing. Retractable banners are no different. If you yank a piece of thread, your banner could be half undone by the time you stop yourself.

On the other hand, hidden stitches make a garment look smooth and modern. This is one of the secrets of our Webloc pop-up system. We stitch our banners with silicone, fold over the fabric, then seal the seam in a silicone strip. This strip slips into a groove on the Webloc frame as you pull the fabric taut over its stand. Translation: when your customers look at the pop-up, they can’t figure out how it’s connected, because there is no visible joint. It’s all bound, beautiful, and bubble-free.

This makes your pop-up store more professional, impressing your customers with your attention to detail. If nothing else, those few moments they spend moving around the banner and trying to figure out how you did it – you can work those to your advantage by telling them more about your brand. It’s certainly a better attention grabber than the regular promotional flags your competitors are using …

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