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How many different sized banners will you need for an indoor expo?

There’s only so much you can do with indoor expos. You have limited room, and you don’t want your stand to be too cluttered. The expo hall will be full of people, and between the noise, crowds, and bustling activity, your customers may feel hemmed in and need to step out frequently. You want your stand to be light, airy, and soothing, so they’ll spend more time in it. This could mean using fewer banners and leaving more open space.

Depending on the set-up you select, you could use three to four banner types. You want a media wall for your backdrop, buntings for your border, retractables or pull-up banners for your dais, and desk-top banners for your service desk. Teardops and feather flags work better in outdoor settings, and you don’t have much space for them anyway. A better alternative is to buy or rent a comprehensive exhibition kit. Here at Display Systems, we have several pre-packaged sets.

Shop in shop

Our Webloc Edge Pop-up is a good example of this. It’s an all-in-one banner kit complete with its own carry case, so all your pieces fit snugly in a padded bag. The case even has castors for easy transport. To assemble your pop-up, pull taut fabric (with subtle silicone stitchery) over its frame and slip it into a tailored groove. The result is a smooth, seamless finish that can be curved into a variety of shapes and sizes. Our Webloc expo system has optional front-lights and easy set-up for backlights. Both are useful for your indoor stand.

If you’d like to kick it up a notch, you can try our PromoDek flooring. It works well both indoors and outdoors, providing additional anchoring for your stand. PromoDek tiles use award-wining click frame technology to make your floor as small or large as you want. A literally limitless number of squares can clip into each other using individual connection cubes. Once you’ve achieved your desired size, you can use triangular edge pieces to mark your outer border.

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Stackable floors

On top of your floor tiles, you can lay printed sheets for promotional messaging. Top them off with see-through anti-slip covers that allow your guests to ‘walk all over you’ with or without boots. These keep your promotional print-outs clean, maintaining their condition and allowing you to recycle them for future events. The perforation in the floor tiles gives you an option for backlighting / under-lighting. Combine tiles in different shapes and sizes to get the desired overall effect. We even have specially designed corner pieces that you can twist into place. #TwistAndClick. You could also try some of our other pop-up options.

They’re all built off SEG technology (Silicone Edge Graphics) but their sizing and context are different, so if your booth has smaller square footage, you could pick a Webloc GT or GT mini. Aside from their miniaturised benefits, their carry cases double as display tables. And if you want to go really hi-tech, check out our Spidermount kit. It’s Webloc framing, but with the digital LCD screen. So, how many banner sizes do you need? For regular styling, three or four. For quick-and-easy pop-ups, just one.

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