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All our banners are easy to move and easy to set up

Running an event can get really stressful. You want to engage as many people as you can and convince them to give you their contacts, so you can follow up. On a good day, you’ll make lots of sales at the venue. But even if you don’t, you’d like to gather a database of leads you can chase later. All this depends on the number of guests you receive, whether it’s attendees at a press conference or visitors to your booth. These guests fall into several segments.

There could be dignitaries or media professionals, who got personal invites. They might be customers or partners familiar with your brand, who have come to the event specifically to engage with you. Or they might be incidental prospects who noticed you as they passed by, largely as a result of your portable banners. This is why promotional materials are so crucial to your marketing efforts. They help pre-existing customers recognise you, and they put you in the eye-line of new targets.

Time is money, literally

At trade fairs or conferences, every minute counts. The earlier you erect your stand, the longer you keep it up, and the easier it is to navigate, the more customers you can engage before the day is over. You want your banners to be assembled and dismantled in seconds. Your pulling-down speed matters too because, at the end of the day/night, crowds are thinning, security is dwindling, and stragglers may not be your target customers. It’s during these transitions that a lot of gear gets lost, so you want to pack up and leave tout (de) suite.

We’ve incorporated speed into all our banners because we know quick assembly and easy transport are key. Our banners all come with a zipped, nylon carry-case fitted with castors so you can roll them around. If you’d like something more sturdy, you can buy a hard case, we have some in stock. Meanwhile, the banners themselves are built for easy installation. Our Webloc Pop-up booths have grooves where you can slip in your silicone-edge fabric. This only takes a few seconds. Add another minute to stack their frames to your chosen height.

A banner for all ages

A retractable banner is even easier. Take it out of the case and pull the banner out of its base. That’s literally all you have to do. If you want to light it, you can position back or front-lights as needed. It takes less than five minutes, and the bulb mounts are part of your banner kit. Banner types without a retractable base still have solid feet. Before your event, to confirm the kind of flooring that will be in use and let us know.

We have tailored feet for earthen ground/grass, concrete, or metal. Spiked feet can be dug into the turf, while other kinds can be screwed in with rivets or weighed down with water-bags and sand-bags. We have wall-mounted brackets too, for feather flags and pull-up banners. Both processes take just a few minutes. Be sure to put all your accessories (especially feet, screws, light fixtures, and rivets) in the carry-case, so you don’t waste time hunting them down at the start of your function.

For long-lasting, high-quality, weather-proof, easy-to-set-up banners, call Display Systems today on 1300 Displays.

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