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How long will my new banners last?

Promotional banners are a key part of any organisation’s marketing strategy. There are lots of different kinds, and each serves a particular function. They might identify your brand, provide contact details, or show support for a given cause. Fabric banners are the most popular variety, and they’re made of vinyl, polyester, or canvas/khaki. On occasion, buntings might be made from a cotton blend. At the most basic level, vinyl banners can be used and re-used for between two and twelve years. Polyester has a shorter lifespan, about a year or two. Of course, the frequency and location of your banners do affect their lifespan.


A retractable banner can retain its condition longer than a pull-up or roll-up because it has additional protection. At Display Systems, all our banner types come with a nylon carry-case and castors for easy transportation. But our retractable graphics tuck into their base when they’re not in use, and that base provides an extra barrier. If the banner falls or gets damaged, the base will take the impact, preserving the fabric itself. And while the case can’t keep dust out, it can hold off more harmful elements, like rodents with sharp teeth, musty moths, or accidental spills. It serves as a kind of hardcover to keep the banner safe.

That said, fabric is fabric, and while we do our best to print in high quality, our customers have a role to play as well. We’re familiar with the usual factors that can spoil promotional materials. Portable banners can overheat in the sun, causing ink to crinkle and chip. Ultra-violet rays might fade the paint, and rain water can saturate the ink, making it curl and chip. Our banners are specially designed to be weather-proof, so it’s not an issue. We even throw in anti-glare, ensuring reflections don’t affect legibility. You do still need to clean your banners though. Check whether your banners are machine-safe, for speed and convenience.


When you clean your banners, whether you wipe them or wash them, make sure they’re completely dry before you store them. Also, if your banner supplier doesn’t provide storage bags as part of their package, buy them separately. It’s worth the expense. You might not think a case is important, especially if you have a designated storage room for your banners, but it can extend their shelf life by months, maybe even years. Plus, the case protects banners from mechanical damage, such as snagging onto exposed protrusions and ripping in transit. It could be anything – an open door, a loose nail, a pair of scissors, anything.

Of course, the lifespan of your banners isn’t necessarily a physical thing. You might be concerned about how many times you can re-use a banner … except your focus is on context. This comes down to your content selection, so think very carefully about your messaging. For example, a banner that has a model from the 60s or the 80s seems dated now, because of their clothes and hair. Or a banner that’s too closely tied to an event – say it has event names or dates – that can only be used once. Focus on neutral, generic, cross-sellable concepts.

For long-lasting banners that save you thousands of dollars in the long run, call Display Systems today on 1300 Displays.

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