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Tips for Easy Transportation of Your Banners

For the most part, a banner isn’t a permanent fixture. They’re largely used for events outside the office, but even inside your business premises, they’re hoisted in the morning and locked away at night. If your office is fully secured, you might have some banners consistently positioned in your lobby or reception area. But even these are occasionally stored when your office cleaners arrive, or when you close for the holidays.

These banners are generally viewed from a distance. You might see them suspended on ropes above the highway, or mounted on billboards and event dais, so they look about the size of a poster. When you come closer, you may notice some banners are six metres across or more. And they’re made from vinyl or canvas, which makes them pretty heavy. Some lighter banners comprise paper or polyester, but their stands still add to their weight.

The great banner migration

These portable banners have to be moved from the printer to the office to their mounting site and back. Individual pull-up banners can weigh anything from half a kilo to 15kg including their stands, and you’re never carrying just one, so shifting those banners around offers quite the work-out. Here at Display Systems, all our banners come with a complimentary carry case. They’re usually made of nylon, with a strong zip, though you can buy a hard case too.

The purpose of the carrier bag is to ease transportation. It protects the banners from dust and dirt, and we recommend silica gel packs to absorb any atmospheric moisture. The carry case has a firm handle, giving you a good grip on your heavy baggage. It condenses the large, heavy banner into a compressed item that occupies smaller space, making it easier to get around. Multiple rolled-up banners can be slid into their cases and stacked into your boot or truck.

Retractable banners can be bulky too, so it’s easy for them to snag something and rip. In this sense, their carrier bags protect them from physical damage too, especially when they get tossed around in the back of a truck. Retractables are a little safer because the graphic sheet is stored inside its base. However, this significantly adds to the weight of the banner.

Portable advertising

And don’t forget your banner’s detachable feet. Sand-bags, water-bags, metal spikes, rivets, or wall brackets – all pretty hefty. Plus, there are suspension poles for flags, and rope for buntings. This is all additional mass. So we ensure many of our carry cases have high-quality castors. These are cute but sturdy wheels attached to the bottom, just like the kind found on suitcases.

We design them for easy tugging across multiple types of terrain so that you can pull your bags along the concrete, tarmac, rubber flooring at indoor venues, or grass and turf outdoors. Our bags, banners, and even the little carrier tyres are easy to clean and fully re-usable, and we offer guarantees of up to ten years on some of our products.

In case you’re buying from a supplier who doesn’t include carry-cases in their package, buy a bag separately, preferably a hard-cased one. It’s worth the expense, and is cheaper than replacing damaged banners, or trying to carry said banners around unwrapped. For high quality, fully portable banners, call Display Systems today on 1300 Displays.

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