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The Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

In an online world it can be easy to get seduced into thinking that you should be putting all your advertising into online channels AdWords, Facebook, Instagram but are you forgetting your traditional advertising channels in a quest to œbe more relevant?

While theres no denying that advertising has developed some very interesting new channels in the past decade or so, marketing remains something that we need to address across a number of different ways. So what are the benefits of outdoor advertising?

Visibility for passers by

Outdoor advertising outside a store should be a no brainer. A bold sign, a colourful flag it catches the eye. It catches the eye of someone whos never been past or heard of your business, and it catches the eye of a repeat customer who is reminded of your business again. This visibility is invaluable as it helps to draw people into your store that otherwise might not stop in.

Reinforcement of brand message

If people have already seen your advertising “ maybe on TV, maybe in magazines “ and then see it outdoors, it will reinforce your brand message. Theres no such thing as overexposure they say! Seeing your brand again will reinforce your message to consumers, without it being an overly œ in your face kind of way.

Can be available even when your store is closed

While in store advertising isnt able to be seen once you shut the doors for the day, outdoor advertising is always on, always seen. Its not a social media ad that is seen once and then disappears. Take advantage of outdoor advertising to provide that œalways on brand message.

One off advertising cost

Whereas other advertising types such as radio spots, catalogue flyers, or online ads need to be paid again and again, with the right type of outdoor advertising you can reuse your banners and such again and again. This means that you pay just a one off cost. While you may choose to buy extra, or subsequent, this really isnt necessary unless youd like to change up your message.

Combine with other advertising methods for the biggest impact

Of course, outdoor advertising alone is unlikely to bring you the most sales. To make the most of any advertising campaign you need to combine multiple forms of advertising. This might mean some outdoor ads, some online coupons, some signs at your point of sale, maybe a post or two on Instagram, and more! Using just one medium alone misses out on a whole other slice of your audience that you might otherwise overlook.

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