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Our Tension Fabric displays in focus

On the surface, fabric doesnt seem like a very good choice for pull-up banners. In reality, fabric has numerous advantages over other banner materials. You might think a retractable banner would offer better graphics than fabric, but youd be mistaken. You see, ink bonds with fabric better than it bonds with other substances. For this reason, visuals on fabric are permanent and are truer to your intended hues and tones.

The fabric also lasts longer than other banner materials, because it wont scratch or scrape. Fabric banners can be washed and reused, making them easier to maintain in the long run. As long as you use gentle detergents, your fabric banner will retain its messaging indefinitely. Plus, you can change the fabric at will, unlike vinyl banners that are permanently attached to their hardware.

For indoor displays, fabric banners are more breathable. They allow air to circulate around and through them, so your indoor fabric displays are far less stuffy than plastic ones. They are also less of a fire hazard, so they are safer to use. They are light in weight, which makes them easier to handle and transport.

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One of the main advantages of vinyl over fabric comes during photography. The sheen and gloss of vinyl make it easy to clean and pretty to look at, but it can cause a nightmare of glares and flashes when youre trying to take good photos. Fabric is far more photogenic, so its preferable for red carpet backdrops and entryway photo-booth displays.

Here at Display Systems Australia, we offer two types of portable fabric banners. These are Vizframe and Fabframe. If youre looking for a fabric display to create a backdrop for your event, Vizframe is a good pick. It has a tubular shape that is both eye-catching and aesthetically appealing.

The Vizframe comes in 11 sizes, and the layout can be straight, curved, or serpentine, depending on your display needs. The different sizes range in weight from 5kg to 10kg, and each size has its unique shape configuration. So, for example, you cant choose a straight size and curve it into an S-shape. When you pick a size, be sure to look into the shape as well.

Our Tension Fabric Displays Infocus

All our Vizframe banners are just shy of three metres tall, but their widths vary. The smallest Vizframe is a straight banner measuring 520 mm, while the largest is a serpentine 6150 mm model. Theyre all quite easy to put together and can be assembled in just a few minutes. Fabframe banners are narrower at 2.3 metres, and only come in two widths: 2.3 metres and 3 metres.

Fabframe stands have an advantage over Vizframe because they can be expanded easily and are attached using Velcro strips. To keep your Fabframe banners well protected, you can keep them in either a hard case or a soft bag. Both carry-case options are available and easy to transport. We have a third fabric option called Webloc, and well tell you all about it in the coming months.

If youd like to learn more about the benefits of tension fabric banners, give us a call today at 1300 Displays.

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  • Just a quick note to say again that Allison and I were genuinely blown away by the amazing level of care and service which you guys demonstrated last week - individually and as a team. It's all too rare these days and truly inspiring to see in action - let alone to benefit from. You rock!

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