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How Many Banners Will You Need?

Your promotional display requirements will depend on the brand imaging, location, and visual language you wish to display to attract and hold potential customers at your promotional booth. Promotional banners have many different uses and come in a range of shapes and sizes that will help present your product at the forefront and stand out from the crowd.

When pre-planning and designing your POS display or exhibition display, always keep in mind the overall aesthetic and message, and how you and your brand would like to perceived by the general public. A great display needs to be informative, eye-catching, and its need to draw punters in and keep them there. Deciding on which promotional banners and how many, can be a daunting task and that’s when some for thought and planning don’t go astray, making your life easier when it comes to purchasing and erecting your banners.

The number of banners needed for your display will be determined by a number of variables such as the size of your instalment, location, aesthetic, and the necessary information to be obtained from the stall itself.

To add depth to your exhibition instalment, use multiple banners of varying sizes and locations in varying degrees in space to purvey an entrance that will invite potential customers into your stall and showcase your brand to its maximum potential.

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Also, when creating your display, think of it as a complete work and use a multitude of display banners with a holistic design and position them accordingly. This will add a sense of completion and unifies the design as a whole. Rather than having small pieces of information on individual banners, combine them to bring the whole picture larger than life and deliver your message with grandeur and gusto.

Consider the message you are trying to get across when selecting banners – as some banners can be used for design, aesthetic and to draw potential customers or client to your instalment. Other banners can be used to inform your customers of new products or your latest discount. Depending on the location, banners work well to guide much-wanted traffic to your stall. They should be designed with luring people in, and once they get to the stall, they should be greeted with informative banners and a friendly smile to keep them there.

Banners range in style and application, and when purchasing your promotional banner, you should consider the positioning and purpose of the banner. Generally, you would use a large drop banner at the back of the stall with your company letters and logo in bold to inform people of exactly who you are. Then use some pull up banners to lure people in and inform them – all in tune with your branding and your message of course. The number of banners varies depending on design and space restrictions all of which should be taken into account before purchasing your promotional products. Pre-planning is the catalyst for a great promotion, and with a bit of creativity and forethought, your instalment will melt your brand into the minds of passers-by. Ask Display Systems how it’s done!

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