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Choosing the right flags for your event

Flags are an attractive option for both indoor and outdoor advertising. They have several advantages over other types of portable banners. Flags are lightweight, making them easy to transport. Theyre very easy to assemble, so you wont need any technical help to put them up and take them down. Flags are also versatile. You can dig them into grassy spaces, place them on paved floors, or mount them on walls.

There are two main kinds of flags: adsails and adwings. Adsails have a teardrop shape and are usually available in either 2.4 metres or 3.5 metres. The base of the flag depends on your mounting option. Wall adsails have vertical siding panels, while floor-mounted adsails can have weighted bases for flat floors or spiked stems for digging into the unpaved ground. All three options are solid enough to withstand the wind, so though they seem flimsy in photos, they weigh 1.5 kg each and are quite sturdy.

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Adwings weight the same as adsails, at 1.5 kg per piece. They have the same styling on their base, but they come in different sizes. Unlike adsails, adwings are slightly taller at 2.6 metres and 4 metres. The main difference between these two banner stands is their shape. Adwings are shaped more like wings, which is how they get their name.

An adsail is shaped to be wide and curved at the top while tapering towards the bottom. The shape of this banner is more suited to logos and pictorial graphics. The diagonal tapering towards the bottom doesnt leave much room for wording, so you wont have much scope for sign-offs or contact information.

For this reason, adsails are better used to reinforce your main message. They can be used in areas of swift movement, where anyone seeing it wont have much time to stop and read the message. Ideal places for adsails include race tracks and entryways, any place where your target audience will speed through. They can glance at the logo and branding and instantly know your company is involved in the event.

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Choose your adsail graphics carefully, so that its easily recognisable. Use an icon rather than a phrase. For example, the Nike tick, the Mac Apple symbol, or the multicoloured Microsoft Window icon. Dont use adsails on their own though. Support them with a larger banner containing more details about your brand, including contact information.

In an outdoor setting, you might use adsails as signposts. Have a different word on each one as it shows the way to your main exhibition area. On the other hand, adwings have a wider shape than adsails, so they can be used to convey more pertinent matters. Here, you can include a tagline, product list, and where to find you. Adwings also stand taller than adsails in a literal sense, so you can use them in crowded areas to stand out and mark the boundaries of your exhibition area.If youd like further guidance on selecting flags and other banners, call our hotline on 1300 Displays.

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