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Black vs White Background Colours for Your Corporate Banner

Just getting into choosing your banner advertising and drawing up designs for whats going to be on them? It can be a little tough to decide what to put on your pull-up banners if you dont have all that much experience in graphic design elements. Rather than getting a graphic designer in for a top price, you can have a think about these things before choosing whether to use a black or white background for your banners.

What are your company colours?
In your company, do you already have corporate branding on your stationary, the front of your building, your business cards? If you already have a theme that you are running with that features black (or white) more heavily, then this is the obvious choice for the background of your banners. You should always remember to stay on brand with your business, and this includes running with the same colour scheme throughout all of your advertising.

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What industry is your business in?
Black and white backgrounds lend themselves more to some industries than others if you would believe it! For instance, if you have a health and wellness business, then this is usually associated with soft, muted colours which will go along more symbiotically with a white background. If, on the other hand, you have a new tech business that on the cutting edge, this can often be associated with a black background. Have a think about the colours most often used in your industry for more inspiration.

Where will your banners be displayed?
Are you putting these banners in the front foyer of your business? Against a white wall? To make your banners stand out more, then you might like to choose a black background if this is the case. However, if you have an indoors event in a dark room, then white backgrounded banners may be a better choice to make them pop out more. If you are planning on using them in all sorts of different circumstances “ they are portable you know! “ then perhaps youd like to consider the most common uses to see where they are going to stand out.

Black vs White Background Colours for Your Corporate Banner

Ultimately, going with a black or white background for your banners should be based on your current branding, the industry youre involved in, and where your banners are displayed. Choosing white or black œjust because you like it more isnt a sound business decision. Think about this objectively, and make your decision based on that.

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