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Banners and Flags as Promotional Strategies

It can be challenging to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Customers are bombarded with more marketing messages than ever. How can you ensure that your company will be the one that they choose? It all begins with messaging and proper positioning of your brand. Promotional banners and flags can be a great way to raise brand awareness and reach for your profitable share of the market.

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Types of Promotional Banners

Promotional banners can come in a variety of styles and materials which can be modified for use in multiple settings. Some are especially well designed for use outdoors, such as advertising banners, flagpole signs with sturdy fillable bases and wind-resistant double-sided flags. Teardrop flags can be used indoors or out, and may be printed on one or both sides depending on where they will be displayed.

Why Choose Promotional Flags and Banners?

Visual marketing and merchandising is one of many ways to reach your potential customers. Visual methods are especially likely to be successful because they make a powerful and memorable impression. It is easier to recall something youve seen than something youve heard. Here are few additional facts about why you should choose to use promotional flags and banners:

  • Portable banners are lightweight and can be easily transported from your office or warehouse to onsite locations. Banners usually do not require multiple people for set up and can usually be transported in standard vehicles.
  • Custom-printed teardrop flags and retractable banners allow your business to build brand recognition and enable you to promote different messages according to the occasion and environment.
  • Portable banners and teardrop flags are designed to withstand high winds, so they wont topple over in stormy or windy weather. Because these flags and banners are secured, you dont have to worry that the advertising opportunity will be lostor that the flagpoles are likely to damage nearby property.

Whether to Choose a Custom or Stock Banner

The type of messaging you choose to put on your promotional flags and banners depends on the environment and the purpose of the banner. For example, if you are an auto dealership and just want to attract customers off the street to make them aware of a sale youre having, you may find that a stock message is most appropriate for your needs. However, if you are at a trade show or convention where you need to stand out among all the competition, you are more likely to want advertising materials that include your logo and a few key words about your product.

Advertising signs, including teardrop flags and retractable banners, can be printed with as little as one colour to several colours. Other than your company logo, signs in general should have simple, eye-catching designs with a streamlined design. You dont want the design to be too cluttered. Simplify your message and make your point in a brief, concise manner so that customers notice you, remember you and return to you when its time to buy.

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