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Banner Stands

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We at Display Systems Australia offer a complete range of pop-up display systems, pull up banner, banner stand, flags, brochure holders, tension fabric displays, banner advertising and more. We work with you with full dedication in order to fulfill all your requirements. Our banner services can definitely help in increasing your brand exposure, optimizing your display ads and promoting your business in a better way. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to create the ideal display system tailored to your individual marketing needs.

Australia's No. 1 Banner Stand

The world renown BannerBug®, made in Australia, is a stylish, sleek, modern retractable banner stand that is both compact and durable.

BannerBug® Swap

BannerBug® Swap is the retractable banner stand that has two bases. Based on the world renown BannerBug®, it is made in Australia, stylish and sleek.

BannerBug® MediaWall

The BannerBug® MediaWall is BannerBug®'s big brother; ideal for press conferences, presentations and exhibitions, it will set you apart from the competition.

BannerBug® Hard Case

BannerBug® Hard Case is designed to give extra protection to the BannerBug®. The BannerBug® Hard Case is strong enough to withstand a car driving over it.

BannerBug® BLACK

BannerBug® BLACK is the world renown BannerBug® only black! BLACK Bugs come the same quality, reliability and features you have come to know for over 10 years.


BannerBuddy is an affordable, single sided, non-retractable portable banner stand. The light-weight BannerBuddy is super sleek and modern, making it look good anywhere.


Made almost entirely from bamboo, VIRO is the ideal alternative to conventional display solutions for businesses looking to comply with their green policies.


The PiX family is the premier economy banner stand range. Made in Australia, Pix comes with a 12 month warranty and is available in three sizes.


The EXO banner stand is a sturdy outdoor banner stand that can be used on hard or soft ground.