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BannerBug Swap

BannerBug® Swap is the retractable banner stand that has two bases. Based on the world renown BannerBug®, it is made in Australia, stylish and sleek. The interchangeable pull-up banner stand allows you to repeatedly use different banners in the one system. Just slide the old cartridge out & replace it with a new tube. This is ideal for those who require a quick changeover of their graphic banners.

  1. SWAPONE: The cartridge slides into the streamline Base One
  2. SWAPTWO: The cartridge connects to Base Two to make an L banner stand.

BannerBug® Swap is available in :

Artwork Specs System and Graphic
System Visual Area Graphic Size As It Stands Weight
SWAP ONE 850 x 2170mm 860 x 2395mm 850 x 2245mm S/S 6.8kg
SWAP TWO 850 x 2170mm 861 x 2395mm 851 x 2245mm S/S 6.5kg

Do you reskin old banner cartridges?
Yes. Send back your cartridges for reuse and get a reskin at a discounted price.


BannerBug® Swap BrochureDownload PDF
BannerBug® Brochure Download PDF
BannerBug® Swap 850 TemplateDownload PDF
SWAPONE InstructionsDownload PDF

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