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BANNERBUG Pull Up Banners

The world renown BannerBug®, made in Australia, is a stylish, sleek, modern retractable pull up banner stand that is both compact and durable. The BannerBug® can be set up in seconds. The graphic is stored within the base unit when it is packed up, significantly reducing the likelihood of damage.

Available as a single or double sided display in a range of sizes:

Artwork Specs System and Graphic
System Visual Area Artwork Size (with bleed) As It Stands Weight
400 400 x 900mm 410 x 1125mm 400 x 930mm S/S 2kg D/S 3kg
580 580 x 1520mm 590 x 1750mm 580 x 1550mm S/S 3.6kg D/S 5kg
850 850 x 2170mm 860 x 2395mm 850 x 2200mm S/S 5kg D/S 6 kg
1000 1000 x 2170mm 1010 x 2395mm 1000 x 2200mm S/S 7.5kg D/S 9.6kg
1200 1200 x 2170mm 1210 x 2395mm 1200 x 2200mm S/S 9kg D/S 11kg
1500 1500 x 2170mm 1510 x 2395mm 1500 x 2200mm S/S 11.5kg D/S 15kg
GIANT 1000 x 2850mm 1010 x 3080mm 1000 x 2950mm S/S 6kg

If the graphic panel needs changing it is quick and easy with the low profile hook and loop tape on the system. The BannerBug® base is available in silver or black (850mm only) and all Bugs come with a nylon carry bag.

Find out more about why BannerBug® stands apart from the rest.


BannerBug® Brochure Download PDF
BannerBug® 400 Template Download PDF
BannerBug® 580 Template Download PDF
BannerBug® 850 Template Download PDF
BannerBug® 1000 Template Download PDF
BannerBug® 1000 Giant TemplateDownload PDF
BannerBug® 1200 TemplateDownload PDF
BannerBug® 1500 TemplateDownload PDF
BannerBug® Replacement Graphic InstructionsDownload PDF

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