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The Webloc Edge Pop-Up in focus

Exhibition booths are a good way to market your brand. It goes beyond enticing customers. Instead, you go into their space and reach them where they are, engaging them with interactive experiences and demonstrations. However, the point of these exhibitions and trade shows is to bring together multiple brands into one space.

This means that as good as your products or services may be, you’ll be surrounded by lots of other brands. Some of them have the same offerings that you do, but even if they’re not in direct competition with your sector, their bright colours and dazzling displays could attract potential customers and pull them away from your stall.

You could end up losing hundreds of customers, not because they don’t like you, but simply because they’re unaware you exist. With hundreds or even thousands of booths at every event, there’s no guarantee they’ll make their way to yours, so it’s up to you to grab their attention and hold it long enough to make a sale, or at least develop a lead.

Build a booth with a difference

Webloc Edge Pop-ups are portable banners that can be built into realistic 3D booths, capturing the imagination of customers and giving brands lots of display options. They comprise fabric stretched over a sturdy, lightweight, flexible frame, and with some creativity, you can curl, shape, and twist them into any type of display you want.

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The frames are hollow, so you can install lighting fixtures between them, lighting up the display from inside for a real attention-grabbing effect. DSA designs a range of spotlights that are excellent for backlighting your Webloc Edge Pop-up. The lights are tested and proven to run for up to 12 months, guaranteed.

Most banners are printed onto vinyl, but Webloc Edge Pop-up utilises Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) fabric, which is a lot more durable. The banners are weather-proof, scratch proof, and UV proof, because they are oriented using dye sublimation at high temperatures. At the same time, you can replace the SEG without investing further in a new frame.

Silicone stitching for a more polished finish

The usual way to fasten fabric banners is to lace or rivet them into place. With Webloc Edge Pop-up, your banners appear seamless, professional, and almost futuristic because you can’t see the actual seams. The fabric is pulled tightly across the frame then held in place with silicone strips, so you can’t tell exactly where the joint is.

To finish off the frameless effect, each lightbox pole has a recess in its perimeter, and the SEG seam is neatly tucked into the grooves. This method also prevents air bubbles and gives the banner an ‘infinity’ edge to edge appearance. The frame itself is a foldable lightbox that can be twisted and assembled into various shapes and structures in minutes.

The frame can fold into a small portable unit that fits into a padded carry-case with wheels for easy transport. You can use these pop-ups to design a truly exceptional stall, and at the end of the day, you can dismantle your booth just as easily.

To order your Webloc Edge Pop-up, call Display Systems today on 1300 Displays.

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