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Retractable VS pull-up banners

To the average consumer, the distinctions between banner types are muddy. They may come in saying they want a ‘big banner with lots of colours and wheels’. That’s often the extent of their familiarity. Many of our customers aren’t aware of sizing options or what would work best for them, and we’re okay with that. We dig deep into this industry so you don’t have to. When you come to Display Systems, we can recommend the best fit for you and give you a good price too. Determining your ideal banner depends on a few things.

We’ll need to know as much as you can tell us without breaching your corporate confidentiality. Our queries are relatively benign … like what time the event is. Daylight events need banners with UV protection and anti-glare. We may ask if it’s outdoors or in, to help you determine lighting requirements. The type of flooring matters, because earthen surfaces and turf work better with spiked feet while concrete will need a water weight or sand bag. Timber can use brackets and rivets, but only if the venue allows it.

Pull-up or drop-down

These may seem like opposing terms but they actually refer to the same thing. Pull-up banners don’t usually have stands. They’re suspended promotional materials that generally drop down from an anchor point in the wall, pole, or ceiling. So you could – for example – nail it onto a wall or drop it down from a lamp post. They can be single or double sided, and usually have a solid edge to prevent fraying. When not in use, you can ‘scroll’ them up.

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They work best for indoor events, because there are more anchor points. In outdoor events, you’d have to plan for portable posts to attach them to. Think of them as single-page calendars, but made of fabric, and much larger. Their format makes it easy to roll them up and store them in tight spaces. It’s advisable to get a case that prevents ripping, dust, and mould. A retractable banner – on the other hand – is a freestanding unit. It can be small enough to sit on a desk … like the DeskBug … or it can be six metres high.

Banners after dark

Retractables have their own stand, with options for the different flooring styles. They’re designed for stability, so they won’t tip over in strong wind. And because they’re comprehensive advertising units, they’re easier to light than pull-ups. They can be backlit if they’re double-sided banners with hollow centres. Or they can be mounted with overhead front-lighting attached to the stand. When they’re not in use, the fabric retracts into the base, so it’s protected from dirt and manual damage.

Pull-up promotionals are ‘plug-and-play’ in a sense. You can only use them as they are, and the graphics sheets are permanent. With retractables, you can easily interchange the fabric, creating a whole new ad on the same base. This saves cost, because you only buy the stand once and use it as often as you like. Both our pull-ups and retractables have portable nylon cases, with optional hard cases and castors. We can guide you on sizing as well.

To get the right kind of banners for your corporate event, and in the volumes that you need, call Display Systems today on 1300 Displays.

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