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Planning Basics for Your 2018 Outdoor Events

Outdoor events such as sporting events, fairs, and fundraisers can be a great way to showcase your business if they are done right. Before you dive in head first, there are some planning basics that you need to sort out beforehand. Read up to make sure you’re on top of things early.

Pick your events wisely

Let’s face it: you’re not going to be able to attend absolutely all the events that you have an interest in. That’s why you have to pick the events that you attend wisely. Think carefully about who your target audience is and how many of them you will be able to reach by attending each event. Think also about whether you’ll land bigger fish at one event or another. This can help to guide you in the right direction. How much does each event cost to attend vs how much you think you will be able to make at each event?

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What’s your stand going to look like?

Aesthetics are everything when it comes to events. You want to be able to attract the most people to your stand, and you can help to do this by having a fun, bright setup that just says “wow”. Think about the elements that you’ll need to do so – pull-up banners, trestle tables, large banners, screens… what are you going to need to stand out? Also, think about the design of your elements – how to make them eye-catching and appealing to your customers. Your stand is going to need to be weatherproof. This means it’s not going to fall in the wind or be rendered useless if it rains. Remember, people seeking shelter in the rain under your marquee can get to talking about your business too…

Getting the crew right

Who’s going to man your stand? You want to have the best people on board. Friendly, enthusiastic, reliable people who know your product or service well, so they’re going to interact the best with people walking past, as well as show up and put in a good job on the day! You can either use people who are already part of your team or hire talent staff from an agency and provide training beforehand. Make sure that your team have matching outfits so that customers know they’re the ones to talk to.

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