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How many banner stands will you need for your corporate event?

One of the things that is most taken for granted at an event is your promotional banners. It’s not they’re unimportant. They’re just such a crucial element, so everyone will assume someone took care of it. And in such cases, you may get all the way to the venue before your realise no-one double-checked the pull-up banners. So now you’re ready to set up your booth and you realise your banners are damaged, or that you don’t have enough.

As a basic rule of thumb, you should have at least three of every banner type. Assuming your booth is freestanding and can be approached from all directions, you at least want a banner on each side. Having four of each is overkill, but you can have two apiece. The third is a back-up that stays on the gear truck, in case the initial two get lost or damaged.

Always have a spare

It’s not practical to walk into a showroom and buy three of everything – the costs could pile up. Here at Display Systems, we have well-stocked rooms, so you could talk to us about your inventory needs and we’ll make a plan to gradually supply you over time. We’ll agree on a spread that suits your timetable and budget. The specific pieces you need for your event – that depends on several factors, and we can help with that too.

For starters, is it an indoor or outdoor event? Feather flags and bali flags look beautiful flapping and spinning in the breeze, but they may be wasted indoors. Function is important too. Branding banners need to be large enough for your message. Buntings are cheap and colourful, but you can’t have much on them beyond a single letter, icon, mascot, or logo. So while they can ‘label’ your booth colour-wise, they’re not helpful in terms of communication.

Two other factors are the size and structure of your booth or event. A corporate launch may have a dais with lights, cameras, microphones, and keynote speakers. You don’t want banners crowding the stage because they can impede movement and obstruct your chief guests. In such a case, it’s enough to have a media wall backdrop (with a spare in the truck) and a branded podium. Buntings could come in handy to decorate the stage.

Measure the available room

On the other hand, if your event has some kind of service desk, then you need miniatures like desk-bugs, as well as branded counters. Some pop-up systems like Webloc have carry cases that can double as display tables, so that’s a useful touch. The error many corporates make is to assume that because banners are interchange-able, they don’t need too many stands. Yes, you can thread promotional fabrics through the same stand, but you still need the stands.

Decide on the types of banners you want, then aim to have at least four of each banner stand in storage. The messaging itself can be infinite, so you can print them for each new event, but you should also have some generic ones you can use on short notice. Also, when you have limited space, consider buying a single comprehensive pop-up or expo display instead of many single retractable units.

To get the right kinds of banners for your corporate event, and in the volumes that you need, call Display Systems today on 1300 Displays.

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