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Our exhibition stands in focus

Organising an exhibition display is hard work. You have to prep your staff to be fast on their feet, showcasing products and services and giving customers hands-on assistance. The staff needs to be equipped with fast, policy-friendly responses to tough customer questions that may put them on the spot. And they need to do it all in a loud, raucous exhibition hall.

Getting your staff ready to handle an event that is three or four days long has multiple challenges. So it helps to ease any part of your exhibition that you can. Fortunately, you can work with the team at Display Systems to get rid of one massive headache. We will meet all your display banner needs and make sure your stand is a sight to savour.

Exhibition stands are well populated with portable banners of varying dimensions. But the basis of the whole stand is the floor. Some venues will allow you to put your collateral right on the ground, but it’s not a given. To be on the safe side, carry your own floor. Our PromoDek flooring is a modular unit that can be set up and taken apart in minutes.

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PromoDek isn’t bland or boring. You can add messaging, visuals, and brand colours to the flooring material, and it’s fully re-usable so that you can bring it from one event to another. PromoDek can be laid on any flat surface, whether it’s concrete, tile, carpeting, or turf. It provides a stable, dynamic foundation for your entire stand.

You can use PromoDek to create a platform of any size. For reference, a floor of 3 by 6 meters can be set up in less than half an hour. If you’re unhappy with the layout, you can easily adjust and reposition your flooring material. If your display uses a lot of electronics, you can neatly stash the cables beneath the PromoDek floor, preventing trips and falls.

It doesn’t need any special skills or hi-tech tools to assemble. Anyone can do it. You can even update the visuals in the PromoDek in the course of the day, changing them every hour if you need to. Every section of 10 cm by 10 cm can comfortable hold a weight of up to 1,250 kg.

It’s very compact, so it’s easy to transport. It doesn’t need much storage space, and you can move up to 55 square metres of PromoDek on one pallet. Of course, a beautiful exhibition floor needs attention-grabbing walls to go with it. Our X10 Crosswire units allow you to assemble illuminated display walls for your exhibition.

X10 Crosswire is named for its basic modular unit, a 10cm by 10 cm cube that can be built up into shells and display stands. You don’t need any specialised tools to put them together. You can just clip the parts together and fit them into each other. They form sturdy, attractive frames for banner stands and their lightweight construction makes them easy to carry.

To find the right banners and gear for your exhibition, call Display Systems today on 1300 Displays.

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