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The lightweight tubular design makes VizFrame a pleasure to use. It sets up in minutes and the clever sock like graphic covers the whole frame making a free standing backdrop for any display, conference or media presentation.

Main features:

  • Slightly stretchable matte fabric provides a smooth, wrinkle-free solution and reduces glare
  • Custom sizes available
  • Easily assembled/dismantled with no tools required
  • Graphics easily interchangeable
  • Optional hard case with wheels fits the whole system and can be used as a counter
  • Lightweight and portable

Other optional add-ons available:

  • TV brackets
  • Shelving
  • Table unit connected to foot
  • LED spotlights

VizFrame is available in various sizes, straight or curved:

Artwork Specs System and Graphic
System Visual Area Graphic Size As it Stands Weight
600 Straight 620 x 2260mm 680 x 2310mm 660 x 2265mm  5kg
900 Straight 920 x 2260mm 980 x 2350mm 960 x 2265mm  5kg
1200 Straight 1000 x 2260mm 1290 x 2350mm 1260 x 2265mm  5kg
1900 Straight 1891 x 2260mm 1910 x 2290mm 1950 x 2265mm 6kg
2400 Straight 2340 x 2260mm 2440 x 2280mm 2470 x 2265mm 6kg
2900 Straight 2960 x 2260mm 3060 x 2390mm 2960 x 2265mm 6.5kg
3100 Curved 2950 x 2260mm 3250 x 2390mm 2900 x 2265mm 6.5kg
3200 Serpentine 3020 x 2260mm 3220 x 2290mm 3260 x 2265mm 6.5kg
3900 Straight 3730 x 2260mm 3930 x 2290mm 3960 x 2265mm 6.5kg
4900 Straight 4930 x 2260mm 5030 x 2390mm 4930 x 2265mm 8kg
5900 Straight 5980 x 2260mm 6080 x 2390mm 5980 x 2265mm 10kg
6300 Serpentine 6150 x 2260mm 6350 x 2390mm 6380 x 2265mm 10kg

All the frames are coded for easy assembly.

Base options: feet for all straight systems or solid base for straight systems 600 – 1200

Storage options: Hard case, trolley bag, carrying bag

 Trolley bag


VizFrame Setup Instructions Download PDF
VizFrame Image Gallery Download PDF
600 VizFrameStraight Template Download PDF
900 VizFrame Straight Template Download PDF
1200 VizFrame Straight Template Download PDF
1900 VizFrame Straight Template Download PDF
2400 VizFrame Straight Template Download PDF
2900 VizFrame Straight Template Download PDF
3100 VizFrame Curved Template Download PDF
3200 VizFrame Serpentine Template Download PDF
3900 VizFrame Straight Template Download PDF
4900 VizFrame Straight Template Download PDF
5900 VizFrame Straight Template Download PDF
VizFrame™ Add-ons TemplateDownload PDF

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