What Colours And Design Features To Consider For Your Banners

When it comes time to design your banner it might be a bit difficult to come up with ideas if you’re not a graphic designer yourself. There are a lot of people out there that think that they can come up with a great colour scheme and design only to have it look like the work of a ten year old!

If you don’t want to employ the services of a professional graphic designer and want to give designing your own banners a go first, then read our quick guide to getting tidy, attractive results.

What colours to choose? If you don’t have an eye for colour, then it can be difficult to try and choose which colours are going to stand out and look great on your banner. So, let’s have a look at how to choose.

Your brand colours
This one sort of goes without saying. If you already have strong brand colours represented across much of your branding such as your storefront, logo, stationary, business cards, etc., then it is definitely best to keep in theme. Stick with what you know and only include your brand colours, and perhaps white if entirely necessary.

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Take a look at the colour wheel
If you don’t have strong branding, or your banner is for just one particular purpose, then your colours are a little harder to pick. The best way to go about choosing colours is to look at a colour wheel. On the colour wheel, you’ll have opposing colours, in pairs, a triangle, and as a four. Pick out which ones look good for your purposes and away you go. You may also want to Google “colours associated with…(eating, spa treatments, etc.)” to find out what’s worked for others.

Design Features
Branding, branding, branding! Make sure whoever is looking at your banner knows that it is for your business – whether it’s by a logo, your name, your colours, or all three. Other than this it is important to not put too many words on a banner. You want readers to be able to clearly read everything on the sign, even from a distance of 10 metres.

Don’t make your banner too crowded. While pictures can look pretty, they can often distract the viewer too much, which is why we usually stick to just words when doing banners.

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