Updating your display system

Have you found that your display system advertising doesn’t seem to be *working* anymore?

Perhaps it’s time to re-do your advertising with something bigger and better to get your customers back. Signage can get boring over time and your customers may be feeling like you just don’t have anything new and exciting to offer…
Banner advertising is the key to attracting customers and selling your products, if you think it’s time to update, you need to have a clear plan for your display.

Your banner should –

o Play a part of your coordinated sales strategy
o Communicate information to your customers effectively
o Tell a visual story
o *Speak* for you, even when you are busy with other customers

Banner advertising displays are a way for customers to see what you offer and by putting some planning and thought into your banner you can have an impact on your overall bottom line.

Consider the placement of your banner – store windows at the beginning of aisles, back walls around a concrete pillar, front tables, point of sale displays – these are all areas that can be used to maximise your advertising and increase sales.

Banner advertising needs to”

o Attract Attention! Good banners and product placement attract attention, customers will look and say *that’s new* and take more of an interest in taking a closer look. At a trade show or fair – you need to stand out! The goal of your display is to attract your customers eyes and get him or her to come over, to stop and to have a closer look.

o Communicate your message – you need to let everyone know what it is you do or are selling. Your advertising needs to let customers know what you are selling, what it will cost them, how it works, will it suit them and how it can help them – you can communicate this on your banner advertising by offering *product selection, *Product demonstration, *product information and *Price.

o Use your banner displays to – entice your customer to come in, to look through your store and browse, to try or touch the products you have available, and to buy now through special offers.

o Your display needs to create a lasting impression – update or change your displays regularly, always encourage your customer to return (customer loyalty cards) and always keep things fresh and new.

Always review your advertising displays, they should be boosting your sales, if not, it’s time for a change. Displays are a key part of your advertising and to be at their most effective they need to compliment your other advertising strategies. You need to keep things fresh and new, simple things such as changes of colour on your advertising banner can encourage customers back into your store to see what’s new.