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Save time and marketing expenditure with DSA’s CROSSwire modular truss system, making the most versatile display system on the market. Gone are the days of having separate displays for different exhibition spaces, simply customize your display for the space given by adding or subtracting components to provide that custom fit for every space.

Modular Design


Do you display in different venues with different size exhibition spaces? One day you might have a 3mx3m area and the next a 2mx4m and you have to make your display look custom made each time? With DSA’s CROSSwire, all aspects are a modular design which screw-into each other or clip-onto each other, so each dipslay can be configured slightly differently to make that custom fit for any display space.

No Tools Required

Have you ever arrived at your exhibition space and realised you forgot that vital tool you needed to erect your display? All elements of DSA’s CROSSwire are either clipped-on or screwed-in with in-built thumb screws, no tools required, making it easy for anyone to put your display together.

Collapse & Carry

Have you ever had your staff waiting for hours in an exhibition centre for your trucks’ spot in the queue to deliver your display, not being able to leave or do anything worth while, just waiting… Well, gone are those days. The majority of your stand can be packed in the back of a station wagon and carried in sections as they are so compact and light weight. You can erect your display, put up your signage while waiting for your product to arrive, no time wasted…


Strong & Hard


CROSSwire is built to last and is incredibly stong over long spances. Made of a composit material with an aluminum core, CROSSwire has a load bearing capacity of 100lbs per 20sq. foot. It is made of a composite material, not coated, making it robust & hard wearing so it wont scratch or flake under the roughest of treatment.


Many Sizes & Options



There are so many different lengths of CROSSwire straight modules, curved modules, a plethora of attachments available including;

brochure holders, TV mounts, tables, banner clips, lights & more, you can really make a unique looking display every exhibition to WOW your customers every time…