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The key differences between our Exhibition Display options

Exhibition displays are a great way to showcase your products to potential customers in a mass setting. The displays offer a fully 3D interactive experience that draws customers in and lets them engage with you directly. They can ask questions, test brands, and get a hands-on demonstration of how your products and services work for them.

Here at Displays Systems Australia, we have several exhibition display stands to choose from. Each display stand has its own specific advantages, and we’d like to go over them so that you can begin to figure out which one works best for you. Of course, this is just an overview, and if you’d like more detailed advice, we’d be glad to offer it.

The three display choices we offer for exhibitions are the X10-Crosswire, the X20-Trusswire, and the PROMODEK. Let’s begin by looking at X10-Crosswire. It gets its name from its 10cm by 10cm basic unit. All displays using this unit begin with that small 10 by 10 framework, but the height or depth of unit frames stretches all the way to 200 cm. The unit also has curved modules and brochure holders, giving you a wide scope of design options.

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The X-20 Trusswire is built on the same principle, except that its basic profile is larger at 20cm by 20cm. Both these units are made of aluminium, steel, and composite materials. They are lightweight in nature, making them convenient and portable. However, they build compact units that can support the full weight of product displays.

These units are designed for mobility and ventilation. Exhibition events tend to get very crowded, so the exhibition stands are put together in a way that will accommodate large numbers of human traffic without compromising their ease and comfort. The more relaxed and uncrowded customers feel, the longer they will stay at your stand, and the more likely they are to make a purchase.

The X10-Crosswire and the X20-Trusswire are low fuss exhibition systems. They are easy to transport and easier to assemble because they require no tools or special skills. Every piece is held together with a thumb screw that can be tightened by hand. The pieces can be used multiple times, and they can be re-arranged into different set-ups, designs, and configurations.

The key Differences Between our Exhibition Display Options

These two display products are used for towers and frameworks, but when it comes to flooring, what you need is a PromoDek unit. It provides the foundation and base for your display units and is strong enough to support units that are 2 or 3 metres high.

PromoDek comes in multiple colours, and it’s intended for use indoors. For best results, assemble your PromoDek on a flat surface to make sure your display is stable. It doesn’t need any glue or tools, and you can put it together and take it apart in minutes.

If you’d like to see the best way to combine X10, X20, and PromoDek in your exhibition, get in touch with us or visit our showroom. We’re always on hand to help out.

Black vs White Background Colours for Your Corporate Banner

Just getting into choosing your banner advertising and drawing up designs for what’s going to be on them? It can be a little tough to decide what to put on your pull-up banners if you don’t have all that much experience in graphic design elements. Rather than getting a graphic designer in for a top price, you can have a think about these things before choosing whether to use a black or white background for your banners.

What are your company colours?
In your company, do you already have corporate branding on your stationary, the front of your building, your business cards? If you already have a theme that you are running with that features black (or white) more heavily, then this is the obvious choice for the background of your banners. You should always remember to stay on brand with your business, and this includes running with the same colour scheme throughout all of your advertising.

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What industry is your business in?
Black and white backgrounds lend themselves more to some industries than others if you would believe it! For instance, if you have a health and wellness business, then this is usually associated with soft, muted colours which will go along more symbiotically with a white background. If, on the other hand, you have a new tech business that on the cutting edge, this can often be associated with a black background. Have a think about the colours most often used in your industry for more inspiration.

Where will your banners be displayed?
Are you putting these banners in the front foyer of your business? Against a white wall? To make your banners stand out more, then you might like to choose a black background if this is the case. However, if you have an indoors event in a dark room, then white backgrounded banners may be a better choice to make them pop out more. If you are planning on using them in all sorts of different circumstances – they are portable you know! – then perhaps you’d like to consider the most common uses to see where they are going to stand out.

Black vs White Background Colours for Your Corporate Banner

Ultimately, going with a black or white background for your banners should be based on your current branding, the industry you’re involved in, and where your banners are displayed. Choosing white or black “just because you like it more” isn’t a sound business decision. Think about this objectively, and make your decision based on that.

For all your banner needs make sure to think of us at Banner Bug. We’re a preferred banner supplier to businesses all over Australia and can help you out with all things banners and advertising – even helping with the design if you need!

Putting Together a Display System on A Budget – What Are The Must-Haves?

Don’t have a huge budget for your display system? Here’s how you can do more with less – the bare essentials for a display system that will still work well for your business.

Portable banners to signify a little about your business

Portable banners or pull-up banners are a must have for your display system. You need at least some signification of your business to make sure that customers can tell at a glance your business and what you provide.

These banners make your business look professional, as long as you choose a professional quality product. Make sure to include your company logo and colours on the banner, as well as any relevant text that will help to draw customers to your stand.

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Flyers for your customers
You’re going to need to provide your customers with some information about your business, no matter what it is – which means that flyers, or at the very least business cards are an important aspect of your display system.

They are something easy for your customers to take away with them and muse about later when they have a bit of time to think about things.

A desk
A desk is a good idea to have in your display system. This may be as much as just a cheap trestle table with a plain cloth or sheet over it. This can be somewhere to put your flyers and any business related items. Without a desk, your display system will look a little bare, plus you will have no storage space.

A good idea is to get a cloth or sheet that reaches the ground so that the underneath of the table cannot be seen. This way, you can put extra items, or personal belongings underneath without the possibility of them being seen by any customers.

Putting Together a Display System on A Budget - What Are The Must-Haves

Good, uniformed staff to man your display system
The main thing to have in the midst of your display system is some good staff to actually man the booth – this can make all the difference in the world. Bubbly staff, who are knowledgeable about both the company and the product or service can make a good impression, get good leads, and make sales.

Having your staff professionally presented in either a company uniform or at the very least a white shirt and black pants or a black skirt will help to ensure that customers can spot them out if you have other members of the general public milling around your stand.

Find your portable banners with us at Display Systems Australia. We make custom display systems for all sorts of budgets and purposes, so there is sure to be something in our range of products that will fulfil your needs.

10 Mistakes People Make When Choosing Their Display Systems

1. Not paying a designer to create their images or logo
You pay designers for a reason – to create something that looks good to other people. Even if you think you’ve got an eye for design it may be best to leave it to the experts.

2. Choosing an untrusted display system provider
People go to businesses just because they happen to stumble across them and think, “Hmmm yes, that’s what I need”. Shop around and look for a good provider first.

3. Not budgeting enough for their display system
If you’re going to set up a good display system you need to make sure that you’ve got the right elements. Not allowing a big enough budget for your system can make it look lacking.

4. Not providing enough information for customers on their display
What you say on your display is what your customer sees straight away. So what’s on it? Just a company name? Are you easily identifiable? Include enough words to tell them who you are and what you’re there for.

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5. Choosing garish colours
Bright pinks? Maybe if you’re trying to sell to little girls. Be very careful with colour choices to avoid a mistake.

6. Choosing the wrong setup for their space
Having a display system that is too big, too small, or with not enough elements for the space is a recipe for disaster – it just looks tacky. Exhibit flooring, portable banners, and a media wall are all items to choose from.

7. Choosing an image resolution that is not high enough
Image resolution is extremely important when it comes to display system images. An image with too small a resolution will look highly pixelated and cheap.

8. Not checking the date of delivery
If you have an event in mind for your display system to be used for then it is of the utmost importance to check the delivery date of the items. A setup is no good to you if it’s received after the event!

10 Mistakes People Make When Choosing Their Display Systems 1

9. Choosing the wrong fabric for outdoors setups
Fabrics for display systems for outdoor areas need to be hardwearing and tough. This may differ from the setup that you need for indoor events, so always check first.

10. Not getting advice from others
Two heads are always better than one. Asking for a second opinion before choosing a display system and images can help save you from costly mistakes. Choosing a trusted advisor is always a good idea with any important decision.

Our display systems are some of the best available in Australia, and we stand proudly by our products. If you would like some advice on how to choose your new display system wisely, then please get in contact us via our online form or give us a call on 1300 DISPLAYS.

Getting the best from your trade show or exhibition

You are all signed up to attend your trade show or exhibition, make sure you read the agreement with the organisers so you understand what is included in your package. There will be a lot to organise now – both before and during the event, and after it is all over.

Promote and market the trade show or exhibition you are attending, you can do this through your website, social media marketing accounts and newsletters. If you have an e-mail database be sure to send out invitational style emails about the event.

If you want to sell some of your products at the trade show make sure you have enough stock put away, have carry bags available and EFTPOS or other ways to ensure people can make purchases that are hassle free.

Ensure that all your marketing materials, flyers, exhibition stands, pull up banners etc. are up to date, contain all the information potential clients and customers need and any banners or display stands are in good working order. If you don’t have pull up banners Display Systems Australia can help.

If you are selling products, consider free samples or giveaways to attract customers to your stand.

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Brief staff – make sure they have good customer service skills and that they are familiar with your products or services.

Stick to your budget!
Consider ways to receive feedback – prizes for completing surveys, feedback forms etc. This will help you work out what you need to change for next time

Getting The Best From Your Trade Show or Exhibition

Use visual displays like media walls from Display Systems Australia to promote your product or service
Engage with visitors, smile and make eye contact
Ask for feedback from those who visit your stall
Make sure your staff aren’t too pushy or overbearing with visitors, be careful of driving customers away through aggressive selling, visitors are curious and they want to know about your product or service

Have a debrief style meeting with your staff, look at the feedback you have received from visitors, check your post-show sales and renew your customer database with new names and e-mail addresses. Now is the time to self-evaluate the trade show, it will help you decide if you plan to attend another trade show or what you can, or need to change next time.

It’s good to mix it up, every trade show you attend there is the potential to see the same visitors, you need to make every trade show new and exciting.

Depending on the outcome, if you have had a chance to see what others are doing you may need to consider a new or different social media campaign. Perhaps your competition was using marketing materials you don’t have, now is the time to upgrade or try something new.

What Our Pop Up Systems Consist Of

Our pop up systems are an extremely popular choice for our customers all over the country. Whereas other businesses pop up systems look old, dated, and cheap, ours are sleek, streamlined, and modern, giving your business a professional touch in any setting, whether it be a conference, retail store, or place of business.

They are Australian made, and we stand by our display banner stands as leading the Australian market. So, what do they consist of?

Webloc GT Technology
The world leading Webloc GT technology that is used in our pop up systems is an interlocking frame that is easy to set up, and based on the original Webloc technology. The GT addition means that now your pop up panels snap on easily with magnetic clip ons, removing header strips that interfere with the flow of your panels. All the parts of the system are replaceable, so that if by chance a part breaks, your system is still useable with a quick replacement; you don’t need to purchase a whole new system. The self-aligning system makes setting up the stand in the first place even more simple than before.

Art wraps featuring your graphics
The main attraction to your pop up system is the gorgeous, full length artworks that wrap around the display. These will wrap around the whole of the Webloc stand to feature bold designs in your chosen graphics. They aren’t simply the two-dimensional graphics of old, they literally wrap around your whole display.

Double function carry case
The carry case that you store your pop up system is unique, in that it also doubles as a stand once set up correctly. Placing the smaller art wrap around your case, and topping with the clever lid gives you even more advertising space, and a more visually appealing setup. You can use this mini table to place flyers, a laptop, or whatever your heart desires.

Optional SpiderMount
The SpiderMount is another added benefit of choosing our pop up systems. You have the option of choosing the SpiderMount to add to your media wall which gives you a mount within the display to attach an LCD screen to, so that you can provide customers a far more involved experience when visiting your stand. The mount snaps onto the Webloc stand, through which you can mount an LCD screen.

See what all the fuss is about with our Webloc GT pop up systems at Display System Australia. They are the perfect display for your business when you are wanting a professional look for an event or installation. You can even change up the artwork on each system when you are ready for a new look. Contact us to find out more about them today.

Updating your display system

Have you found that your display system advertising doesn’t seem to be *working* anymore?

Perhaps it’s time to re-do your advertising with something bigger and better to get your customers back. Signage can get boring over time and your customers may be feeling like you just don’t have anything new and exciting to offer…
Banner advertising is the key to attracting customers and selling your products, if you think it’s time to update, you need to have a clear plan for your display.

Your banner should –

o Play a part of your coordinated sales strategy
o Communicate information to your customers effectively
o Tell a visual story
o *Speak* for you, even when you are busy with other customers

Banner advertising displays are a way for customers to see what you offer and by putting some planning and thought into your banner you can have an impact on your overall bottom line.

Consider the placement of your banner – store windows at the beginning of aisles, back walls around a concrete pillar, front tables, point of sale displays – these are all areas that can be used to maximise your advertising and increase sales.

Banner advertising needs to”

o Attract Attention! Good banners and product placement attract attention, customers will look and say *that’s new* and take more of an interest in taking a closer look. At a trade show or fair – you need to stand out! The goal of your display is to attract your customers eyes and get him or her to come over, to stop and to have a closer look.

o Communicate your message – you need to let everyone know what it is you do or are selling. Your advertising needs to let customers know what you are selling, what it will cost them, how it works, will it suit them and how it can help them – you can communicate this on your banner advertising by offering *product selection, *Product demonstration, *product information and *Price.

o Use your banner displays to – entice your customer to come in, to look through your store and browse, to try or touch the products you have available, and to buy now through special offers.

o Your display needs to create a lasting impression – update or change your displays regularly, always encourage your customer to return (customer loyalty cards) and always keep things fresh and new.

Always review your advertising displays, they should be boosting your sales, if not, it’s time for a change. Displays are a key part of your advertising and to be at their most effective they need to compliment your other advertising strategies. You need to keep things fresh and new, simple things such as changes of colour on your advertising banner can encourage customers back into your store to see what’s new.

Why display systems are still relevant

With the popularity of online shopping and technology, in-person shopping volumes have fallen steadily the last several years. For both brick and mortar businesses and businesses that promote themselves at trade expos, presenting one’s products and services in an attractive, straight-forward and engaging fashion is key.

For retail businesses, your display system is an integral component of creating an inviting space for your customers. But more importantly, your display system shepherds customers through your space in order to maximise in-shop sales. The display system that you go with depends on factors such as your target demographic, the amount of traffic your shop gets on a typical day and the amount of times you tend to change your in-store design. For example, if you change your design frequently, then a modular display system allows you to shift your display easily throughout your space, with minimal cost and effort. By the same token, if you sell clothing and need to restock items frequently, a modular system makes restocking simple with hang rails.

Display stands help you advertise deals and specials strategically within your space. Properly placed stands draw attention from passerby and bring them into your shop. Once inside, these potential customers will look for the display stand marked with the noted deal or special. Display stands, like other elements of your display system, can be moved around to take advantage of areas that get the most traffic. The classic example are displays set up by checkouts or exits.

At the end of the day, your display system should make your shop inviting for the type of customer you would like to attract. The same rule applies to attracting traffic to your display stand at trade expos.

Your exposition display is perhaps the most important factor in getting people interested in visiting your booth and learning about your business’s product and service offerings. Make yours interesting and informative and you’ll do well at the given event. Otherwise, expect to spend much of the expo standing alone at your booth. To put it differently, if you show up without a exposition display that communicates your brand and generates quality sales leads, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

The formula is simple: exposition displays should tell potential clients your company name, your products and services and the ways that your products and services add value for clients. That way, when participants stop by and you have an opportunity to engage them in conversation, you can introduce how your business can serve their needs and leave the potential client with a positive impression of you and your company.

While your company’s website and social media accounts are critical components to advertising your business and serving potential customers digitally, displays systems similarly advertise and shape your potential customers’ in-person experience. They remain a vital method of gaining new clients and ensuring repeat business; savvy business owners continue to use display systems to introduce both their brand and how their business uniquely meets the customer’s needs.

Call Display Systems today on:1300 DISPLAYS to get you started.

What Colours And Design Features To Consider For Your Banners

When it comes time to design your banner it might be a bit difficult to come up with ideas if you’re not a graphic designer yourself. There are a lot of people out there that think that they can come up with a great colour scheme and design only to have it look like the work of a ten year old!

If you don’t want to employ the services of a professional graphic designer and want to give designing your own banners a go first, then read our quick guide to getting tidy, attractive results.

What colours to choose? If you don’t have an eye for colour, then it can be difficult to try and choose which colours are going to stand out and look great on your banner. So, let’s have a look at how to choose.

Your brand colours
This one sort of goes without saying. If you already have strong brand colours represented across much of your branding such as your storefront, logo, stationary, business cards, etc., then it is definitely best to keep in theme. Stick with what you know and only include your brand colours, and perhaps white if entirely necessary.

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Take a look at the colour wheel
If you don’t have strong branding, or your banner is for just one particular purpose, then your colours are a little harder to pick. The best way to go about choosing colours is to look at a colour wheel. On the colour wheel, you’ll have opposing colours, in pairs, a triangle, and as a four. Pick out which ones look good for your purposes and away you go. You may also want to Google “colours associated with…(eating, spa treatments, etc.)” to find out what’s worked for others.

Design Features
Branding, branding, branding! Make sure whoever is looking at your banner knows that it is for your business – whether it’s by a logo, your name, your colours, or all three. Other than this it is important to not put too many words on a banner. You want readers to be able to clearly read everything on the sign, even from a distance of 10 metres.

Don’t make your banner too crowded. While pictures can look pretty, they can often distract the viewer too much, which is why we usually stick to just words when doing banners.

At Display Systems Australia, we offer all sorts of portable banners, pull up banners, exhibition banners, media wall banners, and more! In fact, we can proudly say that we do indeed have a banner for all occasions. Why not have us check over your banner design to see if it gets the thumbs up before printing? We really know what works!

How to Choose Which Exhibitions to Attend Next Year

It seems like there is another exhibition on every week! Each year, we see more and more exhibitions coming on the scene from all industries. And they are both great fun to attend, and brilliant networking and lead generation activities if done correctly. So, with a sea of exhibitions to attend and represent your business at, just how do you pick which ones that you are going to have a stand at?

Here’s our guide to picking which exhibitions to attend.

Cutting edge of the industry
Is the exhibition that you’re looking at on the bleeding edge of the industry? Or is it an old boys club, made up of the same attendees and stalls, year after year? While it might be great to catch up with folks that you see year after year at the latter one, you’re not really driving business if you’re not meeting anyone new. Pick the fresh, exciting exhibition, even if it seems like a bunch of nobodies.

Last year’s attendees
A great way to get a feel for an exhibition that you haven’t attended before is to check out the list of attendees from previous years. If you spy people or companies that you would like to do business with, then this exhibition should be on your list.

International representation
Are there international attendees, speakers, stands, at this particular exhibition, or have there been in previous years? Usually, if there is international representation present at an exhibition this will mean that it is a more prestigious event. If people or companies are willing to travel all the way to Australia from other countries to attend an exhibition, that means that it is worth their while – and sure to be worth your time too.

Size of the exhibition
A bigger exhibition attracts more attendees. This means more people to network and talk business with. You might like to mix it up with one big exhibition with a few smaller boutique ones to get more of a spread.

Cost of stall
Depending on what your business is, you might like to think about the cost of the stall. Some exhibitions attract big fees just to have a stall, with huge amounts required for prime position or bigger spaces. If you are on a bit of a budget, you might like to run a stand at boutique exhibitions where it is cheaper, and just go to the bigger exhibitions as a regular attendee to network.

Display Systems Australia can help with all your exhibition banners for your stand, including exhibit flooring and portable banners. Make sure to have a flick through all our promotional material to see what would work for your exhibition stand at all the events next year.